Fighting for Food Justice through Emmanuel’s Urban Food Project

This piece was originally published in December 2020.

As we find ourselves in a strange time with remote learning and even remote socialization Emmanuel College’s Urban Food Project is still standing strong in new ways. 

“Through education, social outreach, and gardening we are committed to efforts for food justice at Emmanuel College, throughout Boston, and beyond,” is the Urban Food Project ethos. 

Members work towards achieving this goal by primarily educating Emmanuel College students and beyond. UFP provides lists of influencers to pay attention to, justice-guides and toolkits, and resources in the Boston area. All this information and more can be found here

Within this resource it should be noted the important information regarding agricultural resources during COVID-19. It can be a struggle to find adequate sources during a time when most offices and in person service is highly limited. 

Urban Food Project has an equally informative and interactive Instagram page. Here members not only share valuable resources and infographics but also information for virtual events. Yes, there are still events even as the school remained virtual. Primarily potlucks and “cooking with us” videos. Most importantly the members share a number of recipes that you can make yourself at home. 

You may be unaware, as it is in a unique location, but Emmanuel College has a greenhouse. It is located on the fourth floor of Marian Hall within the Jean Yawkey Center. UFP is highly involved in planting and maintaining what is grown in the greenhouse. This is a fun and interactive way to get involved. UFP also maintains an outdoor garden at Emmanuel’s satellite campus, Notre Dame. Often the food grown is able to be donated to local food banks helping the greater community. 

Recently UFP held a poll with the question what does food mean to you? Following are the number of responses: 

  • An investment in my health
  • Family, friends, and the best type of energy!
  • Life!
  • Food is one of the best ways to connect across cultures
  • Community
  • Food means fuel and family!
  • Comfort
  • Nourishment + autonomy in how I care for myself and my body
  • Memories, my heritage, sustaining, uniting generations
  • Food means joy! It is the best parts of my day.
  • Good for the soul and the stomach!
  • Food means self care. When you cook a good meal for yourself, it hits different.

If any of these matter to you, considering getting involved with UFP or even checking out what they do. Not only are members there to help themselves but the Emmanuel and greater Boston Community. 

Mary Pociask ‘21 is the Editor-in-Chief for the Hub. She can be contacted at