Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

Courtesy of @danielandceci on Pinterest

Who knew life could take a turn? It’s almost as though everything was happening all at once, and I was watching it from a third-person perspective and in slow motion. No matter how hard I tried to form the words, they wouldn’t come out. Stunned with such aggression, sadness, and being tired and overwhelmed didn’t help these past couple of weeks. I mean who knew that the one person you put your trust in heavily would turn around and spit it back in your face, ruining everything I worked for. Now, look at me cold on the stoop of my parent’s house, hoping they will understand my situation. I know they warned me not to make this decision, but kids make mistakes, right?  

Love, who knew we could be so toxic? I thought I ruled the world with you. Nothing mattered but you and me. Those days we used to stay up all night and ponder our thoughts and the days when we laughed till our stomachs hurt. The days we argued over things we forgave each other for in the past, reconsidering who was right in each situation. I never knew things would take a turn when I hit rock bottom. I trusted you and all you did was mess with my head, and I blamed you for everything. Soon to realize I wasn’t in the space to judge or be rude to anyone. It took time for me to get back on track, and I apologize for that.  

Constantly distancing myself from you and trying to apologize every time, I thought I did something wrong when I wanted to get into your good graces again. However, no matter how many times I messed up, you were always there by my side. You reassured me that my feelings were valid, and that recovery takes time. You reassured me patience is a virtue. No matter how many times I asked you ridiculous questions and asked if my thoughts made sense; you never got annoyed. You know my struggles and how easily manipulated I can get during my worst times. It’s why I am thankful to you, and I couldn’t ask for a better person at my side than you. 


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