WISE Members Virtually Meet with College Students

NESN reporter, Jayme Parker, hosted a question and answer with the Boston chapter of Women in Sports & Events (WISE).  

This event was held through a platform entitled Airmeet in which the attendees could join a “table” and proceed to discuss questions with members of WISE attendees had the chance to submit prior to the event. The pre submitted questions are listed below. 

  1. Have you had a mentor in your career (either formal or informal) and can you tell us about this experience as well as any suggestions on how to get and maintain a mentor relationship? 
  1. The sports industry can be a difficult one to get into – what was one experience you had or thing you did that you feel helped you break into this industry? 
  1. If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself? If yes, what path was that? If no, what would you change? 
  1. What challenges have you faced specifically as a woman in the sports/ event industry and how have you overcome those challenges? And for the men, how are you working to help champion women in the industry? 
  1. How do you suggest making an impression either starting your new job or in your current job during the remote COVID environment? 
  1. What are the benefits of effective networking and do you have any networking tips or tricks? 
  1. What are some qualities you look for to stand out from the pack at work, or differentiate yourself on your resume? 
  1. What are some tips or best practices for managing your work life balance – both during COVID, but also in the sports industry during the busy seasons? 
  1. Suggestions on how to ask for a raise or promotion during COVID? And if your organization is on a pay or hiring fence, how do you prepare it so you can be ready to move up post-COVID? 

Attendees got the chance to hop around tables and speak with multiple members of WISE. This allowed for a variety of perspectives on the set questions as well as unique discussions. Nine members of WISE connected with each attendee which allowed for networking opportunities. 

“If there’s not a seat at the table for you, bring a folding chair,” says Sara Page, Senior Member Experience Executive for the Boston Celtics. She then proceeding to discuss how this was the best piece of advice she had gotten recently.  

When asked about the challenges she has faced as a female in the sports industry, she talked about how women lift each other up but can sometimes bring each other down due to a competitive edge. This is often not addressed since the problem typically stems from males bringing their female coworkers down Page mentions.  

The WISE members spoke of the importance of networking. Tiffany Brathwaite, Receptionist & Assistant Office Manager for the Boston Celtics, mentioned she got her position by simply interacting and keeping in touch with individuals.  

Staying present and ready so that when an opportunity comes one’s way, they are prepared was emphasized throughout the meeting. Persevering through getting what one wants was the lasting advice of WISE members.  

To learn more about the national organization, WISE, visit www.WISEworks.org.  

Juliana Cimino is a staff writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at ciminoj@emmanuel.edu